Positions Vacant

If you have a position vacant that you would like to promote to SPANZA members, please send through details to the Secretariat:  secretariat@spanza.org.au.

Please include all details, and a closing date for applications

Assistant Professor in Anaesthesia

An Assistant Professor has developed his/her own research and teaching interests and is becoming known nationally for his/her work. They will publish regularly in peer-reviewed international journals or other appropriate outlets and are likely to have edited collections of work or meeting proceedings. They will also have chaired sessions at, or have been part of, the organising committees of academic conferences or relevant disciplinary meetings. They should be beginning to show Academic Leadership in their teaching and/or their research speciality and be involved in administrative duties at least at Department/School level. The incumbent will also be required to dedicate 40% of his/her time to the provision of clinical services to the Fiji MOHMS.

For full information:  https://careers.fnu.ac.fj/apply.aspx?id=5089

Closing Date: 13/10/2023