President’s Message

SPANZA will improve the quality of anaesthesia, peri operative care and pain management received by all children.

This is a lofty aspiration and yet a very simple one at its core. This is the newly developed Mission statement for our society.

I am both honoured and excited to have assumed the role of president of SPANZA in late 2018, following in the footsteps of many great paediatric anaesthetists. As president with our impressive executive I hope to help our society achieve its mission.

What should SPANZA be? and, Why is there a SPANZA? These are two important questions which have occupied a great deal of the executives time over the past 4 years as we, under the leadership of Elsa Taylor and more recently David Linscott, have sought to develop a new strategic plan. This document with statements on our Mission, Vision, Values and Strategic Priorities will serve as a guide and a reference point for the work of the SPANZA executive and we hope, our members, as they contribute to the activities of the society.

So is SPANZA for you? Well, if you work in the areas of anaesthesia, preoperative medicine or pain management and you work with children, then we think SPANZA has something to offer you and you will have something to offer SPANZA. I encourage you to look further into our society, meet some members, come to one of our popular meetings and join up.

SPANZA has continued it’s core activities, running an annual scientific meeting with state of the art scientific content, much of which is delivered by our own members, but also hosting renowned international speakers. We have added to the calendar an annual paediatric anaesthesia update meeting, now in its fifth year with the aim of educating part time paediatric anaesthetists and other interested health care professionals as well as introducing SPANZA to a new audience.

Our work with local associations has increased at a great rate, with representation as co-opted members on the ANZCA Safety and Quality committee, advocating for children’s unique requirements in the papers and documents produced by the college. We have a new MOU with NZSA, with whom we now co-host a network for anaesthetists in remote New Zealand enabling improved communication between doctors and departments and sponsoring an annual education meeting.

On the international stage we have become foundation members of the Paediatric Anesthesia Associated Societies common interest group. We now sponsor a training position in paediatric anaesthesia through the WFSA in Vellore, India. 2019 will see SPANZA co host the ASM in Brisbane with APAGBI.

There are many exciting developments on the local front with 2 newly developed sub committees within SPANZA, the Document Development Committee and the Education Subcommittee. Both have had a busy year wrestling with topics such as guidelines for paediatric anaesthesia and guidelines for training in paediatric anaesthesia no less.

So if any of this seems like the sort of work you do, and you would like to help us achieve our mission, then I encourage you to join our society or if you are a member then get involved.


SPANZA President