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SPANZA Guidelines for Paediatric Anaesthesia Fellowship

Under the leadership of the SPANZA Education Subcommittee, the SPANZA Guidelines for Paediatric Anaesthesia Fellowship have been developed. After a 12 month review period, these have now been finalised.


ANZCA’s Professional Document: PS29 – “Guideline for the Provision of Anaesthesia Care to Children” and associated background paper have been published on ANZCA’s website.

Development of this updated guideline has been a substantial project and a significant collaboration between ANZCA and SPANZA. The original text of the document was developed by a SPANZA working group, and our processes overseen by the SPANZA Guidelines and Statements subcommittee.

CLICK HERE for PS29 document and HERE for background paper.

SPANZA would like to acknowledge the work of members in reviewing this document:

Dr Aimee Clark, NZ;  Dr Amanda Dalton, NZ;  Dr Patrick Farrell, ANZCA Councillor, NSW;  Dr Tanya Farrell, SPANZA Guidelines and Statements Committee, WA;  Dr David Linscott, Immediate past president, SPANZA, NZ;  Dr Ruth Matters, SPANZA Executive, Tas;  Dr Catherine Olweny, Chair SPANZA Guidelines and Statements Committee, Vic


Acute Pain Management:  Scientific Evidence, 5th edition 2020

The imperative to treat acute pain with innovative evidencebased, patientcentred strategies has never been greater. The lofty goal of personalised, harmfree and adequate relief for every person experiencing acute pain remains just that. The fact that it is not yet reality is more of a testimony to the enormity and complexity of the task rather than for want of trying as can be seen by the exponential increase in publications on this topic.

Acute Pain Management: Scientific Evidence:5th Edition is larger than ever yet comfortingly familiar. In this fifth edition, Professor Schugand the editorial team have compiled the latest highquality offering of this internationally renowned publication from the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists and its Faculty of Pain Medicine. It brings together the most recent evidence in acute pain management from the last five years, properly evaluated and collated in the one resource.

Paediatric Hospitals

These pages are where you will find useful contacts, resources, protocols and guides to treatment.

Paediatric Anaesthetic Network of New Zealand

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Paediatric Anaesthesia Forum (PAF)

This is a free service that is administered by the Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto. It is an online forum where you can ask questions and make comments. Many of the regular contributors are some of the most prominent and respected of the world’s paediatric anaesthetists and because of this the opinions are well worth while. Please click here to view the forum.

Sources of Published Comment and Reviews

Italian Internet Journal of Pediatric and Neonatal Anesthesia
If you click here you will get to the home page of this Italian internet-based journal. The next step is to click on the items of the Navigation area on the left of the page. The main Journal articles are under the buttons ‘Numeri Online’ and ‘Abstracts’. They are in English even though the site is in Italian.