How to pay


There is a joining fee of AUD $22 (incl GST) and an annual subscription that is paid that runs from July – June each year and increases according to CPI each year.  Often anaesthetists want to initially join following the Annual Meeting. In this case a member joining after the meeting would pay the initial joining fee of AUD $22 (incl GST) and a reduced subscription being 50% of the current rate.

Once you are a member of SPANZA the invoice for subscription will be sent to you. The New Zealanders will receive this in early March and the Australians in May. This is to tie in with the financial year in each country.

All subscriptions are sent via email from the Secretariat.


Membership fee for the 2024 – 2025 period is AUD $450 (incl GST).

Initial joining fee is AUD $22 (incl GST).

Online payment

If you are a member of SPANZA and wish to pay a subscription and have mislaid your invoice, please email the SPANZA Secretariat  or call at +61 2 4973 6573. The secretariat can email you the link to pay by credit card on line, or send you the paperwork you need to send a cheque.

Unpaid Subscriptions

If a subscription is not paid, the member will be sent a reminder and another the following financial year. If the member remains in arrears the subscription will be written off as a bad debt. To rejoin, the anaesthetist will need to pay another joining fee and subscription.

Check if I have paid my subscription (Clicking this link will generate an email to send to the Secretariat and confirmation will be sent back to you via email)