SPANZA has a number of specialty subcommittees, listed below.  The subcommittees are open to all members to join, and members are notified via the monthly email newsletter when the turn over of committees is due to happen.  It is planned that each subcommittee will be open for members to apply every 2 years (in odd numbered years).

All Subcommittees have Terms of Reference which can be found in the members section under ‘Member Documents’ (once you have logged in as a member).

The subcommittees of SPANZA are:


Members (from 2024 – 2026)

  • Cheryl Chooi (SA)
  • Bec Haenke (QLD)
  • KC Law (NZ)
  • Sharon Maconachie (QLD)
  • Kylie McGregor (NZ)
  • Shannon Morrison (VIC)
  • Patrick Nelmes (QLD)  (CHAIR)
  • Don Perera (NSW)
  • Aylin Seven (VIC)
  • Bojana Stepanovic (WA)


Members (from 2024 – 2026)

  • Alex Donaldson (Co-Chair) (QLD)
  • Anna Englin (VIC)
  • Natasha Epari (Co-Chair) (WA)
  • Hannah Gibson-Lapsley (NZ)
  • Ramanie Jayaweera (NSW)
  • David Linscott (NZ)
  • Caroline Mann (NZ)
  • Andrew Martin (NZ)
  • Rebecca McIntyre (VIC)
  • Ian Miles (NSW)
  • Rowan Ousley (SA)
  • Alexandra Simmons (NSW)


Members (from 2024 – 2026)

  • Poranee Buttery (VIC)
  • Megan Cooney (VIC)
  • Fiona Desmond (VIC)
  • Su May Koh (VIC)
  • Fiona Macfarlane (QLD)
  • Catherine Olweny (VIC) (CHAIR)
  • Stuart Ross (NSW)
  • David Stoeter (QLD)
  • Maryann Turner (NSW)


  1. SPANZA Guideline and Statement Endorsement Policy
  2. SPANZA Guideline and Statement Endorsement Tool
  3. SPANZA Guideline and Statement Development Policy
  4. SPANZA Guideline and Statement Development Tool


Members (from 2024 – 2026)

  • Andrew Davidson (VIC)
  • Paul Davies (VIC)
  • Paul Lee-Archer (QLD)
  • Simon Morphett (TAS)
  • Shannon Morrison (VIC)
  • Ross Scott-Weekly (NZ)
  • Justin Skowno (NSW)
  • Fiona Taverner (SA)  (CHAIR)
  • Elsa Taylor (NZ)
  • Britta Von Ungern Sternberg (WA)
  • Edith Waugh (NT)

You can find details of research grants and other activity under the ‘Research’ tab on this site.


Members (from 2024 – 2026)

  • Tom Burrows (NZ)
  • Bec Haenke (QLD)
  • Justine Heard (TAS) (CHAIR)
  • Su May Koh (VIC)
  • Pip Lane (SA)
  • David Linscott (NZ)
  • Sofia Padhy (QLD)
  • Allanah Scott (NZ)
  • Aylin Seven (VIC)
  • Caroline Zhou (NZ)