Ultrasonographic evaluation of gastric emptying after ingesting carbohydrate-rich drink in young children: A randomized crossover study.

This article explores the issue of preoperative drinks and what constitutes a safe method of offering children preoperative hydration and minimising the metabolic effects of fasting without increasing the risk of aspiration. To do this, researchers conducted a small randomised cross over study using real time ultrasound to examine gastric emptying at certain time periods post ingestion of a carbohydrate (CHO) drink or 5 % glucose solution. Additional subjective outcomes included taste and perceived hunger. The study concluded that compared to 5% glucose solution, the gastric emptying is slower with CHO-rich drinks. However, for both drinks, at 60 mins post ingestion of 5ml per kg there is minimal gastric fluid volume which is not deemed to pose an aspiration risk. This study focused on healthy children with no history of gastric pathology or use of medications. More research is required to apply this to a hospital population.


Reviewed by Dr. Renee Burton