Special considerations in the premature and ex-premature infant

Full text: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1472029922002466

This is a review article that highlights the physiological and pathological consequences of prematurity in various systems, as well as their subsequent implications in the provision of anaesthesia. Its succinct description of the common pathological processes of the prematurity makes this article very relevant to our daily practice. The author also provides caveats for different phases of the anaesthesia which serves as a useful framework while planning/delivering anaesthesia to this population. The description of common neonatal surgical emergencies and their clinical presentation provides a glimpse into various systemic pathologies involved during this early phase of life.

The article lacks a method section and does not describe the search, or inclusion and exclusion criteria for the referenced articles. As such, the list included in this article is not exhaustive.

Reviewed by Oh Ryong (Ryan) Kwen