Member Acknowledgement

SPANZA would like to acknowledge and congratulate Professor Brian Anderson for his New Years Honour of Companion of New Zealand Medal awarded. Brian Anderson is a specialist paediatric anaesthesiologist and intensivist at Starship Children’s Hospital, New Zealand. A PhD in paediatric clinical pharmacology was completed in 2002. His primary research interests have centred around pharmacokinetic […]

Pediatric Anesthesia Article of the Day (PAAD)

Pediatric Anesthesia Article of the Day (PAAD) was started by Ron Litman, Former CHOP Anesthesiologist, ISMP Medical Director, former Chair FDA AADPAC, former Assoc Editor, Anesthesiology.  Ron sadly passed away in April 2021, but the PAAD has continued, under the direction of Myron Yaster, with the support of SPA. You can read Ron’s outline of […]

EPIC workshops

EPIC is the SPANZA special interest group for SPANZA Members with an interest in reducing peri-procedural anxiety and distress. EPIC is the Effective Peri-Procedural Communication interest group within SPANZA.  EPIC aims to provide language, communication and imaginative techniques for every child, every time they have a medical procedure.  The EPIC workshops teach these techniques to help […]

PANNZ Meeting

The PANNZ Update meeting is being held in Hamilton, NZ from the 5 – 7 April. The Paediatric Anaesthetist Network of New Zealand (PANNZ) main aim is to maintain two-way collaboration and communication between paediatric anaesthetist services within regions, and with colleagues in different regions, of the country. Effective communication and cooperation will ultimately help […]

SPANZA Research Day

The SPANZA Research Day is a 1 one day meeting designed for paediatric anaesthetists, nurses and technicians interested in research to come together to meet with research experts and discuss approaches to research, ideas and plans.  It is being held in Sydney on Saturday 23 March. It is an informal day that aims to improve […]

Update Meeting 2024

The SPANZA Update Meeting is being held in Canberra on the 15 – 16 March. The program includes one day of sessions suitable for the occasional paediatric anaesthetist and other staff (nursing/technical) wanting to upgrade their knowledge of current paediatric anaesthetic management. In addition, optional workshops will be held the day prior on Friday 15 […]

Call for Expression of Interest – LA Topicalisation

An expert group is being gathered with representatives from most of the international paediatric anaesthesia societies. SPANZA are calling for EOI’s for a member who is an expert in LA topicalisation in paediatric anaesthesia to represent our region, and our society. To be considered for this opportunity please submit via the SPANZA Secretariat your CV […]

Message from President

Happy New Year! Below you will find a few reminders about the SPANZA Update Day in Canberra in March, the PANNZ Meeting in April and our annual Research Day to be held in Sydney on the 23 March in Sydney. We also have an exciting new EOI to be SPANZA’s representative on an international group […]