Proposed SPANZA Strategic Plan for 2024 – 2029

SPANZA released its first five-year Strategic Plan in 2018. It has provided guidance to the executive and the subcommittees on our vision and priorities, as well as specifics of how to achieve these. It has also facilitated the assessment of our progress in these areas, as well as encouraging measurables (should this deliverables?) to be documented, considered and acted upon.

Our next five-year Strategic Plan is due to be released this year – 2024 until 2029. We have made several key changes to ensure it serves the purposes of our patients, their families, our community and our members into the next decade.

Please read it, reflect on our direction, and please give feedback on any ideas, concerns, questions or compliments to an exec member, or via the contact details on our website. To read the new Proposed SPANZA Strategic Plan for 2024 – 2029 – PLEASE CLICK HERE