Message from President

I want to say a huge thank you to our members who have contributed to the subcommittees over the last year or two. The vast majority of you have chosen to stay on, and many of you on more than one subcommittee. This is a great testament to the Chairs, and to the projects your committees have chosen to commit your time and energy to. Those who put in EOI’s will have received confirmation by now. Thanks to everyone who submits EOI’s and contributes so actively to SPANZA’s purpose of improving the quality of anaesthesia, peri-operative care and pain management for all children. There is a new EOI below for peri-procedural management of diabetes.

A reminder about the Update, PANNZ, Research Day and EPIC workshops below. The hugely successful PACS by SPANZA program for 2024 is almost finalised – don’t miss out. Please let your colleagues know about all of these education and collaborating opportunities.

And a beautiful acknowledgment of Allan Cyna’s retirement by Rob Laing below. Rob’s phrase “one of Allan’s greatest achievements has been his ability to change the way a generation of anaesthetists communicate with their patients and with each other” sums up this incredible man. His workshop in Brisbane in 2017 was the start of my journey which is ongoing. On behalf of SPANZA, thank you Allan, for starting so many of us on this journey, and for improving our workplaces, the care children and families receive. Thank you for prompting so much progress and change, including EPIC, by inspiring Rob and Alex and all of the founding EPIC members.

Hope to see you at a SPANZA event soon,