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  • Meg Foundation

The Meg Foundation has been established to provide information and tools to children, their families and carers to empower them to prevent and relieve pain. The Meg Foundation is led by Dr Jody Thomas – Clinical Psychologist and paediatric pain, medical illness and trauma expert. Dr Thomas has also contributed to the inaugural EPIC course material and teaching. The resources include techniques to manage procedural pain across all age groups, from infants to adolescents. The content is free to access and includes animated material, video demonstrations of techniques, and downloadable cognitive aids with a clear stepwise approach.

  • ImaginAction

This series of audio guides are designed to teach children and their parents about the technique of using their own skills of focus and imagination to feel better and manage situations and emotions. Developed by the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Child Development at Stanford Medicine, Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital and Stanford Children’s Health. Project lead – Dr Jody Thomas. These guides are based on the concepts introduced in “You are the Boss of Your Brain” animation – learning how pain works and how to have more control over your body and mind and experience during medical procedures.

‘Imaginaction is a skill that uses our natural ability to focus and be absorbed in experiences to help feel better in some way.’

Imaginaction is part imagination, because it’s something you can do in your brain. But it is also part action, because it literally changes your experience in your body. Another name for it is self-hypnosis. The audio guides include techniques for relaxation, being in control of your feelings, improve sleep, feel less anxious, more comfortable and to feel calm during medical procedures.

  Useful Videos

  • The Magic glove

The Magic Glove is a Hypnotic Pain Management technique to reduce pain sensation and anxiety for children having a needle procedure. Children have rich imaginations and hypnosis is widely used to ease pain during medical procedures. Dr. Leora Kuttner is a pioneer in the field of pain management. Her demonstration below of the Magic Glove technique is great example of the amazing capacity of imagination and the mind to bring comfort.

  • No fears, no tears

Dr. Leora Kuttner made this ground-breaking film about the power of hypnosis and pain management, entitled No Fears, No Tears in the 1980’s. It is a great introduction to the power of hypnosis, pain management, and empowering children and families.


  • Everybody Stay Calm: How to support your young child through medical tests and procedures
    • Author and Paediatrician, Dr Angela Mackenzie, explains how parents can help their children feel safe, comfortable and more confident in coping with health care procedures, whether it’s a medical emergency or an immunisation
    • Example key points:
      • Secrets to building your confidence in a medical setting
      • Essential steps to help prepare your child for medical tests
      • Practical skills that will transform your child’s experience of medical treatments
      • Benefits of collaborating with the health professionals – it’s okay to speak up!
      • Stories from parents who have been there
      • How to avoid the most common mistakes that parents make

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