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Mindfulness during Covid-19

From the Education Hub, Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne:  Mindfulness for health care workers by health care workers, developed and narrated by Dr Amanda Stock and Dr Anna Englin.

Healthcare workers are experiencing new and significant challenges every day they come to work. The environment is constantly changing. We are expected to rapidly adapt to new information and protocols. We look and feel different due to the requirement for PPE. There is a new perception of risk for healthcare workers and our families. So what can we do to help ourselves and fellow staff to cope and thrive during this time?

There is a large and growing body of evidence that mindfulness practice enhances performance and decreases stress. It’s not just for hippies. Many departments have already noticed the benefits from regular mindfulness practice, alone or in a group setting.

Here is a set of practical exercises to help your day to day work. There are some to prepare you for a shift, to help you remain cool whilst wearing PPE and to keep you calm when you’re feeling overwhelmed. The more you practice, the more powerful the effects will become.


Dr Amanda Stock and Dr Anna Englin

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  • Handbook of Communication in Anaesthesia & Critical Care:  A Practical Guide to Exploring the Art

Edited by Allan M. Cyna, Marion I. Andrew, Suyin G. M. Tan, and Andrew F. Smith
Provides a range of practical communication tools which can help to improve patient care. Features real life clinical examples of how different communication techniques are used, enabling the reader to utilize these skills in their own clinical practice. Includes numerous practical examples and vignettes illustrating how the concepts discussed can be integrated into clinical practice. Written by practising anaesthetists with expertise in teaching communication, and with expert contributing authors from North America, Europe and Australasia, making the content applicable to a worldwide readership.


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