Purposes, goals and values

Well managed procedural care can have significant long-term benefits for a child’s health.

EPIC’s vision is to optimise the psychological wellbeing of infants, children and young adults undergoing medical and surgical procedures.

Underlying this vision is the premise that we can have a positive impact on every child, or young person, at every health interaction.

It is our objective to reduce anxiety and promote a sense of patient autonomy and control via the effective use of communication and behavioural strategies. This has huge potential to improve patient care and outcomes.

EPIC’s key role is to share knowledge and expertise

  • Educate health practitioners to use effective communication and behavioural strategies, allowing them to adapt principles to use in their own work environments
  • Empower children, young adults, and their carers with skills to help them become more resilient and deal well with potentially stressful situations
  • Foster links with similar like-minded groups internationally.

The techniques taught are simple to learn and easy to use, and can be adapted for use in all paediatric health care settings.