Changing healthcare provider and parent behaviors in the pediatric post‐anesthesia‐care‐unit to reduce child pain: Nurse and parent training in postoperative stress

This research report presents the development and evaluation, as well as the results of the implementation, of a behavioural intervention (Nurse and Parent Training in Postoperative Stress [NP‐TIPS]) to change the behaviours of nurses and parents in the PACU, with the intention to alter behaviours that may impact on the child’s pain. For example, promoting […]

Intraluminal Pulmonary Vein Stenosis in Children: A “New” Lesion.

This article discusses intraluminal pulmonary vein stenosis (PVS) in children, a rare disorder that leads to progressive narrowing of the extrapulmonary veins and is associated with a high mortality of up to 50%. PVS is a neuroproliferative process with fibroblast and myofibroblast proliferation and matrix deposition within the pulmonary vein walls producing a thickened intima. […]

Effect of anesthesia for hypospadias repair on perioperative complications

This is a retrospective cohort study looking at surgical complication rates for hypospadias repairs depending on type of anaesthesia given, GA + caudal, GA + penile block and GA only. They wanted to review their own data from 26 years of practice to see if it reflected the results of recent papers on the topic. […]

A Framework For The Management Of The Pediatric Airway

This article aimed to produce, for the first time, an international consensus statement on the immediate basic management of paediatric airway complications and the anticipated and unanticipated difficult paediatric airway. The authors were from a range of paediatric tertiary units in the developed and developing world (UK, Canada, USA, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, Colombia) and […]

Comparison of Glidescope Video Laryngoscopy and Direct laryngoscopy for Tracheal intubation in Neonates

This clinical study from China sought to answer the question whether the routine use of a glidescope improved tracheal intubation times (TTIs) in neonates. 70 neonates (less than 28 days age), ASA 1or 2, scheduled to undergo surgery under general anaesthesia were randomised in to the direct laryngoscopy (DL) or Glidescope (GS) groups. Macintosh blade […]

An update on allergy and anaphylaxis in pediatric anesthesia

Summary This update represents a well presented summary of current knowledge on paediatric perioperative allergy. Some of the highlights from the paper include; Poorly known incidence of paediatric anaphylaxis world wide with a reported incidence in studies ranging from 1:1000 in the European APRICOT study to 1:37000 in the United Kingdom’s NAP 6 survey. Pointers […]