Thank you to SPANZA for the Lifebox pulse oximetry gift to the Solomon Islands

As you may be aware, SPANZA sponsors two overseas Anaesthetists from a low or middle income country to attend our ASM each year. Dr Delwyn Pitakoe, from the Solomon Islands attended the SPANZA ASM in Christchurch last year and mentioned pulse oximetry was often not available when they were anaesthetising their paediatric patients. SPANZA has gifted 3 Lifebox oximeters that are suitable for use with paediatric and adult patients to the National Referral Hospital in the Solomon Islands and is grateful for the assistance of Lifebox in delivering these units to Honiara. Below Delwyn is holding the 3 oximeters. Her message to SPANZA is:

“On behalf of the Anaesthesia Department – SI, we would like to thank you for supporting and facilitating the donation of 3 Lifebox pulse oximeters.The 3 boxes arrived safely in Honiara. This is a great need and the pulse Oximeters definitely will assist us in our clinical work as we strive to provide safe anaesthesia to our patients. Please also pass our appreciation for facilitating this.”

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